Történelmi váltófutás nagy kép

The part of the NATO RUN is the 26th Historical Running Relay

Traditional “Historical Running Relays’ as a part of the program is organised for the 26th time this year. The participants are a young generation from primary and secondary schools and universities to pay tribute to the memory of the martyrs of 1848. The 13 generals were executed for their patriotism at the end of the war. Not all the generals were ethnic Hungarians, but they fought for the cause of an independent and — for its age — liberal Hungary. Hungarians have come to regard the thirteen rebel generals as martyrs for defending the cause of freedom and independence for their people.

The thirteen relay stations and thirteen running relay’s young participants symbolically display the memory of the thirteen Martyrs of Arad.

The date of the Historical Relay: 23th of September, 10:30 at Vérmező