Budapest – NATO VIRTUAL RUN 2020

Budapest – NATO VIRTUAL RUN 2020

The NATO Virtual Run – the online sport event of the NATO Run Budapest – took place between 18th of October and 8th of November. About 1000 soldiers and houndreds of citizens joined to the program during this time. The participants could complete the virtual challenge individually in a place and time of their own choosing.

The “Historical Realy Race” – a sport event for young people in the capital  – also has been organized in virtual form. The Virtual Historical Raley had participants from 9 schools, which registrated 183 teams with 2400 pupils. The most pupils (871 people) came from the Fazekas Mihály Primary and Secondary School from Budapest.

The results of the NATO Virtual Run are available at website, as well as the results of the Historical Relay at

Congratulations for every runners!

Photo contest (2020)

The NATO Run Fans Facebook page is excited to announce a photo competition entitled “This is how I prepare for the NATO Virual Run”.

The T-shirts design for 2020!

Run together: We are Strong, We are United. The T-Shirts for 2020 NATO RUN are produced in the blue color below:

A NATO Futás idei pólója!

Our Finisher Medals!

These medals will be given to all finishers of the10 km NATO RUN…